Barbara and Emil are dedicated to producing gelato with the purest flavours and creamiest textures possible. We use only natural products and seek out the highest quality organic milk, the ripest peak-season fruit, the best chocolate, and the most flavourful, freshest nuts. We buy fruit from local farmers markets or visit small farms in BC to find the best fruit.

All of our gelato is daily handmade on premises, from cutting the fresh fruit to roasting the nuts.

Baggio Gelateria and Pizzeria: Gelato

One of the things that people love is dessert. There will be moments where you’ve had a tough day and the best thing to do is just sit back with a tub of ice cream and watch TV. There’s no denying that having a sweet treat can lessen your worries and leave you feeling satisfied and happier. 

One of the popular desserts people enjoy is ice cream. This delicious, cold treat is irresistible especially for those who have a liking for sweets. It comes in different flavours to cater to people’s tastes and favourites. You can also add toppings and other garnishes to improve the dish. 

Italian gelato is somewhat a derivative of regular ice cream. People know more about regular ice cream because it’s more accessible. And they choose it as well because they think gelato is expensive and impractical to buy. Even though ice cream and gelato fall under the same frozen dessert category, they can actually differ in certain ways. 

Ice cream and gelato are both made with milk, cream and sugar. The difference is that authentic Italian gelato includes less cream and no egg yolks. It also has less fat in the recipe, making it healthier compared to regular ice cream. As a result, gelato offers less fat and calorie content. 

Gelato was first made popular by Italy but it has also reached out to other customers in different countries. Nowadays, you can visit a gelato store in most major cities and enjoy a taste of Italy.

The origins of gelato date back to over 12,000 years ago when people wanted to find ways to eat sweet food. People in Mesopotamia would task slaves to go up to the mountains and collect ice or snow to bring back to the city. These were added to fruits or even all kinds of flowers to make desserts or cold drinks. 

In the 11th century, the Arabs took this invention to the next level and invented different kinds of sorbets. This dessert was served to the royals or notable people in the community at the time. The Arabs grew over 400 kinds of plants and flowers to create a wide variety of the desert. These were used to mix with the ice and snow. 

The modern version of gelato is credited to the Italians. Francesco Coltelli opened a cafe in Paris back in the late 1600s. He served the people of Paris and caught the attention of King Louis XIV. Not only did he get legal French citizenship but also expanded his business all over Europe. At this point, everyone began to adore eating gelato.

Today, people love gelato so much that there are thousands of gelaterias scattered around the world. Sometimes they act as stand-alone cafes while others are paired with pizzerias. You can mostly find gelato cafes in places like the UK, France, Germany, and of course, Italy. 

Here at Baggio Gelateria and Pizzeria, we want to make our customers happy with our services and high-quality ingredients. You can try our authentic Italian gelato for yourself and choose from a variety of flavours. Rest assured our chefs are qualified to prepare these dishes for you with their years of culinary experience. 

When visiting our restaurant, you can enjoy gelato as a snack or as a dessert after meals. We have certain packages and meals where you can add a scoop of gelato particularly with a cannoli or other desserts we offer. 

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic date or spending time with family, you can do so over a serving of Italian gelato. The delicious taste of this dessert will help you make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Why you should eat gelato

The debate on choosing between regular ice cream and gelato still stands in most countries. People don’t understand the difference between them while others just classify cold desserts as just ice cream. Keep reading to learn about why you should eat gelato: 

  1. Gelato is healthier than ice cream
    Even though they look the same and have similar textures, gelato actually uses more milk than cream. This means that it’s healthier and lower in calorie. With just a spoonful of it, you will notice that gelato is smoother and creamier because it has less fat and more milk. 

If you want a healthier alternative to your usual ice cream cones, then consider eating gelato. You can enjoy this without any guilt because it’s also gluten-free. 

  1. Eating gelato will increase your vitamin intake
    Since the ingredients being used in making gelato are healthier, the delicious treat is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. This is because of the natural flavours and toppings that are added  

Authentic Italian gelato is only made with the freshest ingredients, so you can be sure that aside from it being low-calorie, there are other healthy vitamins and minerals as well. For example, if you get gelato with berries, that will be rich in antioxidants and other vitamins that are beneficial to your health.

  1. Gelato is more flavourful compared to ice cream
    Since gelato uses less cream and more milk, the flavours are rich and the texture is light when consumed. Adding flavours to gelato can be in the form of drizzling chocolate puree or mashing fruits like strawberries. Some people also like adding extra toppings to make their gelato even more enticing. 

When you try gelato for the first time, you will notice the flavours are evident and will fill your senses. You can enjoy a delicious treat and stay healthy at the same time. What more could you ask for in the perfect dessert?

  1. You’ll get more value for your money
    The process of making regular ice cream is churning it with milk and cream for a certain amount of time. This results in a fluffier texture, but there are times when it can feel too light and airy. Gelato on the other hand, uses less cream and is churned for longer. The result is a thicker and more solid texture that will give you more value for your money. 

Fun facts about gelato

With gelato being popular, it’s no surprise that people want to know more about it. The Italian delicacy is a different kind of sweet treat compared to other desserts like cake or pies. Keep reading to learn about some fun facts about gelato. 

  1. Gelato only has three ingredients
    Making gelato could seem like a complicated procedure, but in reality, it only has three ingredients. It is traditionally composed of milk, sugar, and fruits. These elements would be mixed together and frozen to make the iconic dessert that everyone knows and loves. 
  2. Traditional Italian gelato was a result of a competition
    During the Renaissance in Italy, the Medici family held a competition that was about making the best frozen desserts. These desserts would be criticized with the typical pastries and the family would decide which one is the best. The winner of the competition made an ice and fruit combination, which would later be made into gelato. 
  3. The word gelato literally means ‘frozen’
    Some people think that gelato is only a word used to name the iconic dessert, but the word quite literally translates to ‘frozen’ in Italian. A shop that serves this dessert is called a ‘gelateria’ and a person serving it is called a ‘gelati’.
  4. Gelato is stored in warmer temperatures
    Unlike regular ice cream, gelato is made and stored in warmer temperatures. While typical frozen desserts are stored at between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit, gelato is stored at only 7 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is important especially if you want to preserve the quality of the dessert. 
  5. Authentic gelaterias use spades instead of scoopers
    There are thousands of Italian restaurants and gelaterias around the world. For those who haven’t tried eating gelato, it could be hard to determine which establishments sell the authentic kind. 

A pro tip is checking how the dessert is served. If the store uses an ice cream scooper, it’s not authentic. If they use a spade or a paddle, then there’s a good chance it’s the real deal. 

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