About Us

Baggio Gelateria and Pizzeria: About us

There are high standards in the culinary field especially for those who are building or managing a restaurant. It’s not easy to build a brand and reach out to potential customers. You’ll need to work hard to become successful. 

In opening a restaurant, the owner needs to know about the basics when it comes to serving people. This means understanding etiquette, learning how to prepare food and manage time and expenses. 

Here at Baggio Gelateria and Pizzeria, we believe in excellent food preparation and customer service. When eating, we know that people want to relax and forget about their worries for a moment. Food is a means of escape and comfort for most people, and we want our customers to feel the same way. 

Our staff and employees are the best at what they do and they are dedicated to preparing good food for customers every day. Moreover, their years of experience are an asset in cooking and serving food. 

Barbara and Emil are our talented gelato connoisseurs. Our Italian gelato is a product of our staffs’ hard work. Enjoy gelato made from the best ingredients and prepared on the same day it’s served. 

Aside from our desserts, we also buy fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market at least twice a week. As for the seasonal Italian ingredients, we have them flown in from a supplier in Naples. This is so we can ensure freshness and authenticity when serving food for our customers. 

If you are interested in dining with us, please send us a message on our website. For reservations, and deliveries, you can call us at 778-GELATO-435-286. Contact us today and taste the best Italian food Canada has to offer! 

Why Italian food is so popular

People all over the world love to eat pizza and pasta regularly. You will find all sorts of Italian dishes available even in foreign restaurants. However, have you wondered why millions of people all over the world love Italian food so much? 

For one, Italian food is diverse. You can choose from different styles and flavours. In a typical Italian restaurant, you can get almost every food group and a lot of healthy nutrients at the same time. If the ingredients are fresh and bought seasonally, then you can guarantee that the dish will be delicious. 

Another reason why people love Italian food is that it’s cheap and practical. Back when pizza was first invented, it was considered as a poor man’s food for a long time in Italy. However, it gained popularity over the years and was eventually introduced worldwide. 

Lastly, Italian food is popular because it’s creative and imaginative. If you ever visit Italy, you will notice that their dishes try to strike a balance between the basics of cooking and being creative at the same time.